Feature: PARAplegiker Magazine

15th March 2021 One minute to read

“PARAplegiker” Magazin dedicated a special section in their current issue spring 2021 to us. The magazine is the most important German-language magazine focusing on paraplegia. It currently has a circulation of over 12,000 copies.

The cover of the PARAplegiker magazine displays a home robot.

The magazine “PARAplegiker” is published by the Fördergemeinschaft der QuerschnittgelĂ€hmten in Deutschland e.V. (FGQ) on a quarterly basis. It is available in almost all facilities in Germany that specialize in the treatment of people with spinal paralysis. Thus, the article offers an excellent platform for us to get in contact with affected people and future pilot customers. We are already looking for testers for the beta versions of Semanux in order to be able to consider the challenges and the wishes of customers in our development at the earliest possible stage.

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