What the name Semanux means

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Young entrepreneurs have realized that the name of their business is an important building block for the branding and identity of their start-up. Nowadays, the names of start-ups and their products are no longer chosen out of the blue, but with careful consideration.

Certificate of registration of trademark No. 302021253789.

In this day and age, product names have to meet more criteria than in the past. On the one hand, there is the worldwide uniqueness to build up a uniform brand image. Young companies already anticipate the potential integration of foreign markets from the very beginning. The brand name must therefore neither be already in use in another country nor arouse unpleasant connotations in another language. On the other hand, consumers place further requirements on company names: They prefer short, easy-to-remember and easy-to-pronounce names to less meaningful strings of founder names or pure letter abbreviations.

We were also faced with these challenges and therefore consciously thought about a meaningful name for our young, innovative product. The result was the name "Semanux." Semanux is a so-called portmanteau word, as it is composed of two or more words - namely the description of our promise: a Semantic User Experience.

With this designation, we are unique on both the German and the European market. In order to protect this uniqueness and to distinguish ourselves from possibly similar competing products, we have had the name protected as a wordmark at the German Patent and Trademark Office. We are now proud to present the certificate dated January 17, 2022, which confirms our ownership of the wordmark with the registration number 302021253789. Specifically protected are the product groups "Software," "Supporting devices adapted for people with impairments" and "IT services." The certificate was signed by the President of the German Patent and Trademark Office, Cornelia Rudloff-Schäffer.

Today, branding and brand protection go hand in hand. For innovative start-ups, it is important to secure trademark rights so that they can later operate on secure terrain and keep their eyes on the further development of the business.

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