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Operate your computer in the best way – yours! With Semanux Access.

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  • Just by moving your head you can control the mouse pointer and write texts.

    Additionally trigger actions with your facial expressions only. For example, you can wink to click.

  • Just by moving your head you can control the mouse cursor and surf the web.

    Trigger additional actions with special hardware: you can of course use well-known controllers, such as those from Xbox and PlayStation, but pedals and other specialized buttons are also no problem.

  • By moving your eyes, you can control the mouse pointer and use a pedal to trigger a click, for example.

    Thus, interaction with the computer is possible even with minimal movements.

  • 6 Input optionsUse them individually or combine them as you like.
  • 8 Years of researchDeveloped and tested in international studies.
  • ApplicationsDo what you want on the computer. With Semanux Access.

Use all input options individually or combine them as you like. Whatever works best for you.

  • Eye control

    With Semanux Access, your gaze can allow you full control over your computer. Using your eyes alone, you can select buttons with a longer gaze or speed up your experience by combining eye control with other inputs – even faster than many would with a mouse and keyboard!

    In Semanux Access, it will be possible to connect different devices for eye control. More details will follow soon!

  • Head movement

    By moving your head, you can move the mouse pointer and activate buttons. You can also use our virtual keyboard to write text! With our virtual keyboard you can even write texts with it comfortably!

    With Semanux Access, head control is possible without expensive hardware. You only need a webcam – our artificial intelligence does the rest.

  • Facial expressions

    Your mouth opens in amazement at the many input options? Then you have already discovered another input possibilities in Semanux Access.

    In Semanux Access you can use different facial expressions to control your computer. From opening your mouth, to laughing, to blinking. Again, all you need is a webcam.

  • Humming

    You like to hum to yourself? Even with that, you can use Semanux Access to operate your computer. "Hmm, interesting" you think?

    Humming as an input possibility is already available as an early test version in Semanux Access. We are curious how you will use it!

  • Pedal

    Your feet are already wiggling with excitement about the many input options? With a cheap pedal you can use your urge to move to trigger clicks or to quickly type a text.

    Semanux Access supports many pedals with USB connection – without extensive setup. Plug in and start wibbling!

  • Controller

    Why should gamepads only be good for gaming? Left-click on the A key, right-click on the shoulder key and move the cursor with the analog stick. And off you go with the Excel marathon!

    Semanux Access supports many types of Microsoft Xbox controllers and compatible models. And if you do want to use your controller for gaming, you can quickly and easily pause Semanux Access.

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  • School

    Knowledge is our greatest asset. Read through digital books, watch educational videos, or complete assignments. And do it alone or together with your friends.

    • Easy and full control from your web browser
    • Virtual keyboard to work on text and math problems
  • Work

    Ready for everything that you may encounter everyday in the digital office. From researching on the Internet, to editing documents and spreadsheets, to using specialized programs.

    • Compatible with Microsoft Office products
    • Can be combined with a normal keyboard
    • Virtual keyboard for entering text and numbers
  • Chat

    Stay in touch with friends and family. Whether you prefer to chat via video, voice messages or text – you're reachable.

    • Works with all chat programs
    • Smart virtual keyboard that makes typing easy with word suggestions
    • Support for many emojis
  • Videos

    Have you watched the new Netflix series everyone's talking about? Now you can watch your streaming services and favorite YouTubers whenever you want.

    • Access to many streaming services via your web browser
    • Play the videos in real full screen
    • No distracting fades during streaming
  • Music

    Whether pop, rock, hip-hop, rap or classical music. The choice is gigantic and only a click away today.

    • Media control directly integrated in the virtual keyboard
    • Streaming via your web browser
    • Streaming via apps like Spotify or Apple Music
  • Shopping

    Your perfect style, seen today and already there tomorrow? That's how fast it often goes with online shopping. So you don't lose any time when choosing your next outfit.

    • Virtual mouse to select products
    • Virtual keyboard for product search
    • Supports online shopping in your web browser
  • For you

    Use Semanux Access yourself to move more easily in the digital world.

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    • Combine our 6 input options in whatever way works best for you
    • Be ready for work, school and play
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    • Regular updates with new features
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Would you like to use Semanux Access in your company? Contact us to learn more about volume licensing and use in a commercial or educational environment.

Frequent questions

  • Currently, Semanux Access is only available for computers running Microsoft Windows 10 or 11. But we are already working on a version for macOS.

    Is your computer a bit older? No problem! Semanux Access usually also works on older devices. Try it out now with the free trial version.

  • Semanux Access currently only works on Microsoft Windows and will soon also work on Apple macOS. We are working on a version for tablets and mobile phones, but that will take some time.

  • Your webcam should have a resolution of at least 720p and a recording frequency of 30 Hz. Your current webcam is probably enough!

  • You only need an internet connection to activate Semanux Access. This means that if you choose the subscription with monthly payment, Semanux Access must be connected to the Internet at least once a month.

More questions? We have answers!