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Due to an illness, Frank can only move his head, but he still works with Semanux Access on a daily basis.

Portrait of Frank with the text "TESTIMONIAL Using Semanux Access for my job in home office".

Nowadays, many jobs can be done partly or completely from home in the home office. Especially people in such professions can benefit greatly from Semanux Access.

One of these Semanux Access users is Frank, who works as a test engineer at a car manufacturer in Baden-Württemberg and can only move his head reliably due to an illness. There are various illnesses that can lead to such a restriction. For example, Parkinson's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or a pronounced carpal tunnel syndrome.

Frank reports here on how he uses Semanux Access every day at work:

Due to illness, I can only move my head and was looking for a way to operate my PC. I came across Semanux by chance and was able to test it during the development phase. This made it possible for me to incorporate many wishes that arose from the application and to test them again immediately after implementation.

We have been working closely with Frank since the beta phase to understand and implement his requirements for Semanux Access:

The Semanux team is always open to my suggestions and ideas, understands them and implements them extremely quickly. The same applies to problems and problems with which I always received help quickly. This made it possible for me to continue using my PC.

Frank combines Semanux Access with other programs to tailor his experience exactly to his requirements:

Of course, I use other supporting programs in addition to Semanux (e.g. a dictation program). Thanks to the good interaction of these programs, I am still able to work in my job.

It benefits from the many possible setting options of Semanux Access, which are simple to configure:

Personally, however, I only use the control via head movement and triggering via dwell time. What I like about Semanux is the wide range of settings and customization options to suit my individual needs and physical limitations. The menu and the flexibly configurable panel are easy to access and therefore easy to use.

We have translated his testimonial from German to English for this blog post. You can find the original in the German variant of the blog post.

If you would like to try Semanux Access for yourself, you can now free of charge and without obligation test the Flex edition for two weeks!

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