The beta phase has started

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Finally, the time has come. We have started the beta testing phase of Semanux. From now on users have the possibility to test the software for 6 months for free.

Schild mit der Aufschrift "JOIN SEMANUX BETA"

At Semanux, our goal is for everyone to be able to participate independently in digital life. In particular, we want to enable more people with motor impairment to access the Internet. Because unfortunately, interaction with the Internet today still takes place almost exclusively via the mouse and keyboard of a computer. This type of interaction requires fine motor control over the fingers which is not possible for some people. Our software, on the other hand, allows users to operate their computer intuitively with their head, eyes, hands, and feet.

The development of the Semanux software has now progressed so far that interested users are provided with free access to the software as part of the beta test phase. At the moment, a selection of the planned input devices is already available. It is currently possible to use a webcam to employ head movements, different foot and hand switches, for which less to no fine motor control is required, as well as various gamepads and joysticks, such as the Xbox Adaptive Controller. The software enables complete operation of the computer with combinations of these devices in order to be ideally operable for each user according to personal possibilities.

During the beta test phase, the individual experiences of the testers are to be gathered and feedback collected on which additional functionality is desired. In the full version, further options for operation will then be integrated in line with that feedback.

Anyone can register for the beta test phase here. We are mainly looking for users who have motor impairments in their fingers or arms, but all other interested parties who would like to try out operating the computer differently instead of using a touchscreen, mouse or keyboard are cordially invited!

After submitting the form on our website, users will receive an E-mail from us with the download link for the software.

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