Stephanie enables computer access for a pupil

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Stephanie is a special school teacher and uses Semanux Access together with her student.

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Independent access to a computer enables a wealth of activities and experiences, especially in today's digital world. However, Stephanie's pupil is unable to operate the computer via mouse and keyboard or touchscreen because he does not have sufficient control over his fingers. There can be various reasons for such a limitation. For example, Rett syndrome, spinal cord injury or certain forms of rheumatism.

Stephanie reports on her experiences with Semanux Access in her testimonial:

With the various control options via Semanux, it was possible to find a way for my young student with advanced muscular dystrophy to operate his laptop more independently again. The previous consultation process had come to a bit of a standstill because, in addition to the fact that many things didn't work, some things (which looked too conspicuously special) were also rejected. By trying out the various options from Semanux, we were able to get our consultation process moving again without any complications.

The pupil of Stephanie does not want to use any devices for computer control that look like aids. Semanux Access, on the other hand, makes it possible to operate the computer simply with a standard Xbox gamepad controller. We have already tested and compared several gamepad controllers for you in a post on this blog.

What was particularly great for us was that no additional, possibly "uncool", tool was needed to operate the laptop. In the end, we preferred to use the familiar and positively connoted gamepad on our games console at home. Contact with the Semanux developers was also uncomplicated, helpful and friendly at all times. Many thanks for that!

We have translated his testimonial from German to English for this blog post. You can find the original in the German variant of the blog post.

If you would like to try Semanux Access for yourself, you can now free of charge and without obligation test the Flex edition for two weeks!

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