Semanux Access Pro available at Broca

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We have partnered up with Broca to bring Semanux Access to Turkey.

Broca x Semanux.

Broca is a company that has put its 11 years of experience into creating barrier-free products. Named after the French surgeon and anthropologist Paul Pierre Broca, the company aims to be a "voice" for thousands of people who have language and speech disorders due to various impairments, autism, cerebral palsy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), etc.

Broca's mission is to help everyone, especially children with special needs, realize their potential in the new digital world. They believe that it is not miracles, but technology and scientific developments that can reveal the potential in all individuals. Their goal is to push the boundaries of the three basic human rights - Communication, Access, and Education - with the possibilities of technology.

Broca operates under some strict rules:

  • They consider the best interests of the user in all circumstances.
  • They do not sell any product that they would not buy for their own family, spouse, friend, or child.
  • They focus on what users can do, not what they can't do.
  • They are always learning and sharing new information.

They provide services for:

  • Individuals who cannot use their hands effectively enough to control the mouse and keyboard, and therefore do not have access to a computer.
  • Individuals who are wholly or partially deprived of the ability to use oral or written language.
  • All children and young people who need support in their learning process and special education.
  • Those who experience various geriatric syndromes in their motor and cognitive skills due to aging.

Semanux Access Pro is now available from Broca by calling the Broca hotline at +90 212 982 46 26 or at the Broca contact from and mention the keyword "Semanux Access".

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