Videos: What makes Semanux possible?

Topic: Announcement

You want to know how to control your computer with the Semanux software using alternative input devices? For this purpose we have recorded 3 different videos.

Three video thumbnails.

In the past weeks the beta phase of the Semanux assistance software has started. Our software enables the operation of the computer with alternative input methods without a mouse, a keyboard, or a touch screen. To explain the different use cases and input device combinations that are already available in the beta, we have produced 3 videos. These demonstrate how you can use your head movement with a webcam, foot switches or Xbox gamepads to control your computer and enable a more barrier-free access to the Internet.

The videos can not only be found on our beta page, but also on all our social media channels:

You are welcome to ask questions about using the Semanux software or about signing up for the beta phase in the comments or via direct messages on social media. We are planing to integrate more input devices into the Semanux software soon. You can find continuous information about our development process on our social media channels and in the newsletter.

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