Video tour through the features of Semanux Access

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Lukas presents the most important features of Semanux Access in a video tour from the Rehacare 2023.

Lukas in front of a huge screen.

You have to experience our Semanux Access software to understand it. We learned this from our many encounters with you at the Rehacare 2023. To give you at least an initial overview of the Semanux Access experience in version 1.2, Lukas recorded a tour of the most important functions of our software at Rehacare. You can now watch this tour on YouTube:

YouTube-Video “Operate your Computer without Mouse & Keyboard - Features of Semanux Access”

Lukas' tour begins with a short introduction, followed by a demonstration of how to control the cursor using his head movements. He then introduces various interaction methods, such as clicking via the panel and performing quick clicks by opening his mouth. Precision mode then allows him to make accurate selections and his head movements are used to scroll. His tour continues to include advanced features such as the magnifier menu for pixel-perfect selections, the ability to pause and resume with head movements, and typing text using a virtual keyboard. He also covers keyboard shortcuts, the drag-and-drop technique for manipulating content, and extensive settings related to facial expressions and appearance. His tour concludes with information on auto-repeating clicks.

And the best thing is: You can currently try Semanux Access Flex yourself free of charge and without obligation for 14 days!

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