Hearconomy Podcast about Semanux with Florian and Raphael

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The "Hearconomy" podcast explains complex economic topics in an easy yet in-depth way.

Jana Samsonova with Florian and Raphael in the studio.

Florian and Raphael were interviewed by Jana Samsonova about Semanux GmbH and our first product, Semanux Access, at the end of October at the Handelsblatt headquarters in Düsseldorf. The interview has been published as an episode "How the start-up Semanux ensures digital participation" of the "Hearconomy" series on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, RTL +, Podigee, Player.FM and iVoox for free listening.

In the "Hearconomy" format of the Solutions by Handelsblatt Media Group, important topics are packaged in understandable language in order to address even complex topics for a large audience. Listen to the 15-minute podcast now to find out how we want to ensure digital participation with Semanux, what challenges we are facing and what we have planned next.

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