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Raphael will speak at the virtual event "AI in Social Innovation & Impact" of the "Entrepreneurship Series" by Cyber Valley. He will explore the topic of social innovation and the impact of Semanux. The event will take place via Zoom on Thursday, 15th July 2021, from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Registrations are free and open for all.

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Cyber Valley is the largest research consortium in the field of artificial intelligence with partners from science and industry in Europe. The consortium organizes a monthly "Entrepreneurship Series" with talks on a key topic of the startup environment. In July, the topic of the event is "AI in Social Innovation & Impact":

While innovation is often associated with profit maximization, it also plays a crucial role with regard to social developments. AI-based social innovations could potentially solve challenges in different areas, such as healthcare, climate and environmental protection, fairness, and education. AI expertise is valuable for societal actors such as NGOs and can give rise to non-profit social innovations. Until now, however, AI's positive societal impact has received too little attention. Cyber Valley intends to address this potential at "AI in Social Innovation & Impact", the next event in its Entrepreneurship Series.

There will be five speakers at the event, including time for questions and answers after each talk:

  • Lorena Jaume-Palasí: Founder and Executive Director of "The Ethical Tech Society"
  • Lynn Kaack: Postdoc at the ETH Zürich and Chair and Co-Founder of "Climate Change AI"
  • Raphael Menges: Research Associate at the University of Stuttgart and Founder of Semanux
  • Jörn-Philipp Lies: CEO and Co-Founder of eye2you
  • Zhijing Jin: Ph.D. student MPI-IS about in empirical inference

For further details and registration, see the announcement by Cyber Valley.

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