Half time for the Semanux Beta

Topic: Announcement

It's half time! At the beginning of August our beta testing phase had started. Now we are happy to tell you what has happened after the first three successful months of the Semanux software in action.

A girl in a wheelchair uses Semanux.

Since August we have welcomed over 40 new Semanux users! Together with you, we have been constantly working on making our software even better. Due to the feedback we have already implemented separate scaling for the virtual keyboard, a context menu and panel, added Playstation controller support, adjusted the option for longer dwell times for the head control, made the fixation time for the dwell click adjustable and introduced an alignment of the head control for a flexible positioning of the webcam.

Due to the positive feedback, we are currently working on implementing more requested features. These include:

  • Adjustable panel position on the screen
  • Gaming mode to switch between working and gaming
  • Function and modifier keys in the virtual keyboard
  • Multiple profiles to easily switch between interaction types

Our goal is to make Semanux perfectly customizable for each user. That's why we appreciate any feedback, including yours!

Registration for the beta is open until the end of December this year. So if you know someone who could benefit from our software, please recommend us! Only those who register for the beta testing phase until the end of December can use Semanux free of charge until end of March 2023.

Finally, a preview of our plans in 2023: We plan to release "Semanux 1.0" in February next year. This version will include many more of the features you requested. Information about pricing for Semanux will be published in January!

So try Semanux for free today and sign up for the beta now!

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