Semanux wins challenge at GKV im:pulse

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We have reached the first place in the communication challenge of the GKV im:pulse Accelerator! In addition to a prize money of 7,000 euros, the accelerator will enable further collaboration between Semanux and GKV.

Gordon Beese hands over check of 7,000 Euro to Florian.

Today, on November 23, 2022, Florian presented our vision of a touchless, speachless, and effortless operation of the distance channels of the health insurance companies at the pitch event of the GKV im:pulse Accelerator in the former main customs office in Hamburg. With our concept of a combination of head control and facial expression recognition for the operation of the health insurance Web and app services, we were able to prevail over the other participants of the communication challenge in the eyes of the jury of experts.

Florian pitching at the GKV im:pulse event.

Florian pitching at the GKV im:pulse event.

In second place, Speaksee, a solution for people with hearing impairments, and in third place, readyplace, a tutorial platform also for people with visual impairments, were awarded solutions that cover further aspects of accessibility. Many congratulations to Speaksee and readyplace from us!

The GKV im:pulse Accelerator is a digital accelerator with a duration of 10-weeks and took place for the first time ever. It is organized by BITMARCK together with PUBLIC. The challenge hosts are the three public health insurers Bundesinnungskrankenkasse Gesundheit, the IKK – Die Innovationskasse, and the SBK Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse.

Curious about our award-winning vision? Our vision can be experienced by anyone simply as a live demonstration in the Web browser!

Controlling a health insurance app with head movements and facial expressions.

Controlling a health insurance app with head movements and facial expressions.

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