Five more participants of the Semanux Beta in Hamburg

Topic: Event

Lukas visited five additional participants in the Semanux Beta at the the "Living with Disability Hamburg Parents Association" in Hamburg.

On the left is a participant in a wheelchair, on the right is Lukas sitting on a chair, in the middle a laptop with Semanux.

We are still receiving requests to participate in the Semanux Beta since the end of registration. We are happy about the high interest in Semanux and try to realize the registrations despite the approaching end of the Semanux Beta. Lukas therefore visited five interested people from Living with Disability Hamburg Parents Association last week.

More than 1,500 families with one or more disabled relatives have joined together in the parents' association. The association has been assisting families and relatives with employment, housing, and recreational and educational opportunities for over 60 years. With the participation in the Semanux Beta we are proud to realize the guiding principle 7 of the association about "We shape development" a bit further:

In order to continue to meet the needs of people with disabilities in the future, we drive change with initiative and a sense of proportion.

We are looking forward to the reports of the Semanux Beta participants from Hamburg!

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