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We can finally present what has been in the works for some time.

Screenshot of the new home page

Let's finally talk about the proverbial elephant in the room. If you've stopped by our website in the last month, you've probably noticed: everything looks completely different! That's because we've given our website a major overhaul, both visually and in terms of content.

Our main goal behind the redesign was to give you a clear picture on our website of what we want to offer with Semanux. For us, this includes:

  • A friendly design. This was mainly designed by our graphic designer Nina. Besides an appealing look, it was especially important to us that our design allows for intuitive usage by everyone. Soon, we would like to tell you more about this in a separate blog article.
  • An accessible internet presence. We develop software to reduce barriers in everyday life. Thus, of course, our website must also meet such demands. For us, this includes ensuring that our website is displayed correctly on the smallest cell phone and the largest computer screen, that all content is fully translated into both German and English, that our website can be operated using only the keyboard or a screen reader if necessary, and much more. In the background, we are still working on many improvements here, which we will gradually incorporate.
  • Clear info about our first product: Semanux Access. This is the new name for our software, which in the past we called the Semanux Beta during its testing phase.
    Because our software can already do quite a lot and has very flexible fields of usage, we thought long and hard about how best to introduce it to newcomers. We hope to have found a good way with our interactive presentation format, which allows you to click and browse through the different possibilities:
    Our new info page for Semanux Access.

    Our new info page for Semanux Access.

But that was really only the most important stuff. A lot of other things have happened, for example, we now have separate info pages for our product concepts for companies (Semanux Focus and Semanux SDK), a contact page, many technical revisions in the background (for example, to be better findable for search engines) and much more.

And this is just the beginning for us. We are working on many further developments that we want to offer you on our website in the near future:

  • A help center, where we will offer guides for installation and first steps with our software, tips and tricks for usage and advice pages in case of questions.
  • Easy payment options for Semanux Access, so you can buy our software without any frustration. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to create a customer account and get an overview of your subscription.
  • A dark mode, so that our website looks good even if you have activated dark system colors on your mobile/computer.

But now it's your turn. We would like to know what you think of our new website. Do you like the design? Do you find the information you are looking for? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Feel free to contact us!

For comparison, you can see here how our website looked before:

Our old website.

Our old website.

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