Eye control for the Mac in a video

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With Semanux Access, we make it possible to control Mac computers with your eyes. And we are apparently the first company to do so.

A display with attached eye tracker showing macOS.

In the past few weeks, we have added support for the first eye tracker in our software with Semanux Access 1.2 and also released Semanux Access for macOS in mid-December. We have thus created a genuine novelty: Eye control for the Mac!

Watch our short video on YouTube:

Why has there been no eye control for the Mac so far? This is what the community is asking and we are asking ourselves the same question! Just one look is all it takes to use your favorite apps on the Mac - thanks to Semanux Access and a compatible eye tracker! And of course you can flexibly combine our 5 other input types with the eye control - just as you like.

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