What is new in Semanux Access 1.2?

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Semanux Access 1.2 integrates the Skyle from eyeV, you can integrate up to three switches via keyboard shortcuts and the Semanux Access Flex Edition is available now.

What is new in Semanux Access 1.2?

With Semanux Access 1.2 we are one step closer to our vision to offer you an unprecedented variety of input possibilities:

As good as our head control with the webcam works, some of you are not able to move your head sufficiently. Therefore we offer you with the integration of special devices for eye tracking a great alternative to control your computer with Semanux Access completely or partially with your eyes. With the Skyle by eyeV we have now integrated the first so-called "eye tracker" into Semanux Access. You can calibrate the Skyle eye tracker directly in Semanux Access, watch the camera preview and perform your positioning. The integration of further eye trackers is planned, we will keep you informed!

The Skyle eye tracker is now available in the settings.

The Skyle eye tracker is now available in the settings.

There are many different switches with different shapes, trigger resistances or connection types. To make sure that you can use exactly the switch that suits you, we have improved the connection of switches. Now you can define up to three shortcuts to use up to three switches at the same time with these shortcuts. Furthermore, we have made more shortcuts available with "Print", "F7", "F8", and "F9" to make many different switches and their configuration compatible.

Finally we can offer you Semanux Access in the Flex Edition for a direct download and a monthly fee. This way you can try out the entire functionality of Semanux Access without any detours. And the best: You can try Semanux Access Flex for 14 days free of charge and without obligation!

The version 1.2 of Semanux Access contains many more improvements, like a function in the panel to switch to the next profile, we fixed a flickering in the visualization of mouse clicks and in the head rotation you can now set the vertical and horizontal movement free space independently.

The update to Semanux Access version 1.2 is available via the automatic update function of Semanux Access or directly here on the website as download.

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