Semanux Access Pro available at Includo

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Semanux Access Pro is now available on the Polish market through our new distribution partner Includo.

Includo x Semanux.

Includo is a supplier of medical aids and has been established on the Polish market since 2015. Includo now supplies several hundred customers every year.

The people behind Includo see themselves above all as a team of dedicated consultants who find a solution for even the most difficult cases. To this end, they provide their customers with specialized equipment for computer operation, communication and visual aids, as well as the appropriate software. Includo's clients have conditions such as autism, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), attention deficit disorder (ADHD), Down syndrome and many others.

They offer these customers a wide range of assistive technologies that are individually selected for their specific needs. Customers are supported every step of the way, and can rely on them not only to answer any questions, but also to help them install software, configure and adjust settings so that they can work with the devices or software purchased from Includo.

Semanux Access Pro at Includo.

Semanux Access Pro at Includo.

Includo is the only specialized company in Poland that combines sales with professional warranty and post-warranty service. Moreover, as a pioneer in the Polish market, Includo also offers short-term rental of aids and other solutions so that potential users and their caregivers can check whether and which technology can best fulfill their tasks in a given situation.

Semanux Access Pro is now available from Includo via the Includo Hotline at +48 736 843 931 with the keyword "Semanux Access" or via the Online-Shop of Includo.

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