Virtual mouse

With the virtual mouse, Semanux Access can pretend to other programs that you are using a physical mouse. The virtual mouse can trigger mouse functions without any detours, just as if you were using a normal mouse.

A mouse has a left and a right mouse button, as well as a scroll wheel in the middle, which you can often also press (the former middle mouse button). With the virtual mouse you can emulate these keys by binding events like opening your mouth to the emulation of a certain key, e.g. opening your mouth causes the left mouse button to be pressed while closing your mouth causes the left mouse button to be released. For example, this, but also much more, is possible with Semanux Access.

You can also move the cursor to the active spot with the virtual mouse. You have two possibilities: Either while you hold down a virtual mouse button or permanently. Furthermore, you can have clicks triggered automatically, either within a time interval, or if the active position remains at a location long enough.

Often texts and web pages take more space than you can display on your screen at once. Therefore, you can also scroll up or down with the virtual mouse – like with a mouse wheel.

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