Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer frequently asked questions about Semanux.

What is Semanux?

Semanux is an advanced and intuitive software for controlling computers and Internet browsers. It enables the use of alternative input devices such as gamepads and joysticks, as well as hands-free control via technologies such as head tracking, eye tracking and non-verbal speech input. The built-in AI module will analyze web page content and adapt the controls to the recognized content.

For whom is Semanux suitable?

Semanux is the tool of choice for those who, due to their situation or personal circumstances, cannot operate computer systems with a mouse and keyboard, such as doctors in sterile operating rooms or people with paraplegia.

How can I use Semanux?

Semanux works on computers with Windows® 10 (or higher) and soon also on macOS® 11 (or higher) and with an internet connection. We further recommend a decent webcam (720p or higher) and an Intel® i5 processor (or better).

How can I get Semanux?

Currently the beta test phase is running, for which you can register at

How do I uninstall Semanux?

Sorry to hear that you don’t want to use Semanux anymore! Did something not work as expected? Then contact us at so we can improve Semanux. You want to install the latest version of Semanux? You don’t have to uninstall the current version. Under “Options” you will find an option to install the latest version of Semanux under “About” - your settings will be preserved! If you still want to uninstall Semanux, open the preferences in Windows® and click on “Apps”; scroll down the list to “Semanux” and click on “Uninstall”. On macOS®, drag the Semanux icon from your “Applications” folder to the bin.

How can I contact Semanux?

Please send an e-mail to and we will answer your request as soon as possible.

How can I request an extract of my personal data from Semanux?

Please send an email with the subject “Privacy” to and we will respond to your request as soon as possible. We may need to verify your identity first.

How do I delete my Semanux account?

Please send an email with the subject “Account Deletion” to You will then receive a confirmation by e-mail.

Which input devices can I use with Semanux?

Semanux supports a variety of different input devices to be suitable for different situations and personal needs. Besides the classic input devices keyboard, mouse and touchscreens, Semanux enables advanced control methods through additional input devices.

I am a manufacturer of alternative input devices. How can I make my devices compatible with the Semanux software?

Please contact to have your product added to the list of supported devices or to discuss support requirements.

Why does my webcam stop working in Zoom®, Microsoft Teams® and other programs?

Windows® can only forward the video stream of a webcam to a single program. Therefore, a webcam cannot be used as an input device for Semanux and as a video source for a video chat program at the same time. We recommend connecting a second webcam to use one webcam for Semanux and one for the video conferencing program. Alternatively, there are third-party programs to split the video stream of one webcam into two or more virtual webcams:

The programs and their functional reliability are subject to the conditions and guarantees of the respective manufacturers.

Why is Semanux not started automatically?

There can be different reasons why Semanux does not start automatically after starting the computer or logging in the user account.

  1. The checkbox “Enable run on login” in the general options must be set.
  2. The Windows user account must be an administrator account.
  3. An antivirus program prevents the execution. Set “Semanux” to the list of allowed programs in the settings of the antivirus program. For more information, please contact the manufacturer of your antivirus program. Semanux recommends Windows Defender® as antivirus program.

Why does my Xbox® Gamepad trigger unwanted inputs?

Other programs, such as Valve Steam®, may use the same APIs as Semanux, causing interference. This may interfere with the use of Semanux and we recommend disabling such features of other programs.

Why does the Xbox® Game Bar appear when I type with the Xbox® Gamepad?

We recommend disabling the Xbox® Game Bar on Windows® computers. To do so, go to Windows Settings, category “Play”, search for “Game Bar” and disable the function.

Further questions can be sent to