Create and manage your own profiles

If you use Semanux Access for different programs or simply want to use a different way of input in the morning than in the evening, you can save your settings in profiles and quickly switch between profiles.

In settings, your current profile will be displayed at the top of the left column. By clicking on your current profile, you will be shown the other saved profiles that you can choose from. There is also the "Change profile" function for the Panel.

You can rename, copy or remove your profile in the settings under "Profile". If you change other settings, the settings are automatically saved to your current profile. You can export a profile to a .sxap file on your computer to save it for later or share it with other users.

So that you don't have to configure every detail yourself, there are Presets. You can either use one of the presets provided by us or you can import a preset from one or more .sxap files.

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