Panel, magnifier menu & action menu

Semanux Access offers you different elements and menus to operate your programs. In combination with the trigger or the dwell time you can interact with these elements and menus.

The most important element of Semanux Access is the panel. It offers various actions that are useful especially in combination with the dwell time. From simple clicks over repeated clicks, scrolling, the magnifying glass menu to the alignment of the head orientation. You can compose the actions on the panel yourself, otherwise our presets already give you suitable actions. The panel is aligned to the edge of the screen, and you can determine to which edge of the screen the panel is aligned. In addition, the panel can be automatically hidden, so that you only see it when the active spot is at the edge of the screen.

With the magnifier menu, you first select the spot where you want to trigger a action. Afterwards this place is shown enlarged and you can re-adjust your selection. Then you can perform an action like a click or a text input at the selected position.

With the action menu you can perform actions like click, tap or drag-and-drop on the spot.

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