Trace, trigger & dwell time.

The active stop is very important in Semanux Access. It's where you can open menus, emulate mouse clicks, or do keyboard input.

The trace is always exactly on the active spot. The trace shows you where you are pointing your head or looking with your eyes. Depending on which input you use. You can customize the color and shape of the trace to suit your taste. You can even set different traces for express mode and precision mode. Or you can hide the trace , which can be useful for eye control.

At the active spot , you can directly trigger an action with an event like pressing a pedal, closing your mouth, or releasing a button on your controller. Actions such as the magnifier menu or the action menu are available.

With dwell time, you select elements when the active spot is over the element for a certain amount of time. Then your head direction or eye direction is completely sufficient to select elements in our overlay. You do not need any further input for confirmation. You can adjust the dwell time individually, depending on how fast you want it to go.

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