Express Mode & Precision Mode

At the active spot you can control your computer with trigger, dwell time, the virtual mouse or the virtual keyboard. But how does Semanux Access determine the active spot? You can adjust it to your needs with the express mode or the precision mode.

With the express mode you move the trace quickly over the whole screen.

Precision mode is designed to accurately control the active spot . You can switch between express mode and precision mode with an event. You can also skip the precision mode altogether if the express mode is already precise enough for you.

You can only be in either express or precision mode. To let you know which of the two modes you are in, you can make the trace look different in both modes. If you haven't made any changes yourself, the trace will look like a round disk in express mode and like crosshair in precision mode.

You can't quite figure out why we have two modes? Then we have three examples for you why the two modes make the operation so flexible for you.

  1. Head control only with express mode. You can control your computer already with the express mode and the dwell time only with head movements. You don't even need precision mode, because the elements of Semanux Access like the panel or the virtual keyboard are slightly larger than most elements on your screen. If you then want to trigger a click at a very specific place, you can select a click from the panel and click very precisely in a magnification. You can try this example with the preset "Head Movement Only".
  2. Head and foot pedal control with a combination of express mode & precision mode. When you combine your head movements with a pedal, you can use precision mode to directly select a very specific location without the need for magnification. You first roughly move the trace in express mode with your head direction to the desired location on your screen and hold down the pedal to switch to precision mode. Then you can adjust the position again very precisely with your head rotation. If you now release the pedal, a click is triggered at the position. You can try this example with the preset "Head Movement + Pedal".
  3. Head and facial expression control with a separation of express mode & precision mode. You can also use express and precision modes separately to combine different ways of moving the trace. You can use your head direction to control the active spot in express mode, while you use your head like a joystick in precision mode. As you turn your head up, the active spot moves up. As you turn your head to the right, the active location moves to the right. When you turn your head back to the center, the active digit stays still. You can then switch between the two modes with a smile.

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